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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HERO?

Hero is a line of smart jewelry that was designed to prevent sexual assault. By hiding advanced technology in the small clasp of a bracelet or necklace, HERO devices are able to notify emergency contacts or the police when you are in a compromising or unsafe situation, all with the push of a button. Additionally, your hero device will track your location using live GPS and record all audio for legal purposes. By combining style and safety, HERO aims to empower women to walk confidently through the world, knowing that help is just one click away.

2. Why is HERO different than other wearable safety devices?

The HERO line of jewelry is unique in that combines fashion and function. Unlike other bulkier or less attractive safety devices, HERO hides its state of the art technology within fashionable jewelry pieces that young women everywhere can easily integrate into their everyday style. The HERO line is made up of both bracelets and necklaces crafted in beautiful designs and made from real gold and silver, allowing women to proudly wear their safety as an accessory. With HERO, women everywhere will be empowered to express both style and self-confidence, without drawing attention to the fact that they are even wearing a safety device. Lastly, the HERO team is led by passionate young women, giving HERO unique access and insight into the needs and desires of its end-users, many of whom are young women themselves.

3. How much does a piece of HERO jewelry cost?

If you are one of the first 120 people to preorder through our Kickstarter campaign, your HERO bracelet or necklace will cost you $89, which includes the jewelry piece, the implanted technology, and download of the HERO app. The next 1000 buyers can also preorder their piece for $129, which is approximately 20% off the typical unit price of $159. The current cost of the HERO pieces are dictated both by the advanced technology and the real gold and silver materials used to make the pieces durable, reliable, and high quality. The HERO team is constantly evaluating its inputs and costs in an attempt to make the technology as affordable as possible for its buyers.

4. What does the HERO jewelry line currently consist of?

The HERO jewelry line currently offers three unique bracelets and one necklace, all with the same safety functionality If desired, the necklace can also be engraved with an individual’s initials, further personalizing the device and also making it a great gift for any woman. Though HERO is launching with 4 pieces, we plan to create multiple designs and variations of the jewelry using YOUR input and based on the preferences of our wearers.

5. When will HERO be available to the public?

HERO currently has a fully functioning prototype of the technology which is currently in the process of being condensed to a smaller size so that it can be subtly embedded into the jewelry. Working across technology experts and jewelry designers, HERO devices should be ready for pre-order shipments by this winter holiday season

6. Is the HERO jewelry line only for women?

Our jewelry pieces are currently designed with women in mind, but we believe that safety, confidence, and peace of mind should not be limited to one gender. After the success of our initial line, we plan to expand our designs and create simple pieces for men/boys as well (We are currently exploring the potential to introduce leather bracelets into our line).

7. Can the HERO technology be sold separately as an attachable that can clasp on to other articles of clothing or accessories (backpack, hat, purse, belt, etc.)?

The technology is currently only sold imbedded within the HERO jewelry. However, we do plan to develop an attachable version of the HERO technology to sell separately in the future, for those who are interested in an alternative version of the product.

8. How do I charge my HERO device? How long is the battery life?

Each HERO piece comes with a mini USB port which can be used to charge the device (similar to a fitness tracker or other wearable devices). At this point in time, we are unable to share a confirmed battery life for the device, as it is still under testing. The HERO team will update this information on the website as soon as it is confirmed.